Driven by a unique brand vision, Rocker Spirits, a micro-distillery based in Littleton, CO, decided to work with O-I ( to create a bottle that rocks, both literally and figuratively. Together, the teams created a one-of-a-kind design that conveys Rocker’s distinctive identity at first glance.

The design process brought Duston Evans, co-founder of Rocker Spirits to the O-I North America headquarters in Perrysburg, OH. It was there that Evans was able to work with O-I’s new product development team to turn his vision into a reality. Going into the process, Evans had a clear vision for his bottle. Evans was so focused on the desire to stand out on the shelf that he says his decision to enter the spirits market hinged on his ability to get a bottle as unique as he was envisioning. “I didn’t want to be another square bottle. If I couldn’t have a bottle that rocks, I wasn’t going to get into the spirits industry. And we knocked our goal out of the park.”

At Evans’ direction, the design team drew inspiration from Americana and the vintage industrial era. The goal was for the Rocker brand to transport the consumer back to a simpler time when we made things with our hands and had pride in workmanship and craftsmanship. For Evans, glass was the best material to convey his passion for that era. By working with glass, he knew they could make a design that would stand out on the shelf and fulfill their desire for immediate brand identity and recognition.

The groundbreaking design allows the consumer to enjoy a moment of nostalgia while pouring the spirit. The bottle is a vessel for not only a new drink, but a new drinking experience. The design itself was based on a vintage oil can from the 1930s with a tilt feature for ease of pouring. Made of super-premium flint, it conveys the high quality of the product while capturing the brand’s retro vintage industrial personality. With a rounded shape flattened on two sides, the bottle has a distinctive off-center neck and finish, and counterbalanced weighted base that allows it to be rocked forward and back for pouring. This off-center neck and finish adds complexity to the design and manufacturing process and requires expert technical craftsmanship to produce.

This unique bottle will be the brand packaging for Rocker’s full line of spirits – aged rum, whiskey and vodka.

Rocker’s barrel house is located on site, and guests can enjoy a tasting room, full bar and food provided by an onsite chef.