The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announces the winners of its 2016 Clear Choice Awards, recognizing the country’s top brands and manufacturers using glass to create powerful brand experiences. The seven winners, ranging in categories from “Beer & Cider” to “Cosmetics & Fragrances,” were recognized during a ceremony at the national Packaging That Sells Conference in Chicago.

Winners include:

Beer and Cider: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, manufactured by Owens-Illinois Inc.

Goose Island provides its celebrated craft beers to consumers across the country every day; however, its Bourbon County Stout is made only once per year. Using a unique shape and attention-grabbing decoration, the company successfully matched its limited product with an equally limited glass package.

Wine: Maestro 50th Anniversary, manufactured by Ardagh Group

Maestro is a serious wine, and its glass bottle communicates that emotion with a sleek, bold look. Formal and celebratory, the design speaks to the setting in which this special product should be consumed.

Spirits: Wild Turkey Master’s Keep, manufactured by Owens-Illinois Inc.

Wild Turkey raised the bar with its latest product and bottle design, using forced perspective, state-of-the-art engineering and distinctive variations in glass thickness to bring Master’s Keep to life in a way consumers can see and feel in exquisite detail.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage:  Argo Tea, manufactured by Owens-Illinois Inc.

From ingredients to packaging, Argo Tea is uncompromising in delivering the highest quality drinks to their consumers. The company’s latest glass bottle, with its unique concave shape, was developed to fit perfectly into someone’s hand, allowing them to relax and enjoy this premium product.

Food: Sir Kensington’s Organic Mayonnaise, manufactured by Ardagh Group

Kensington and Sons takes pride in using simple, high-quality ingredients. To showcase its new organic mayonnaise, the company went classic and tasteful, creating a package that encapsulates the product’s natural and sustainable origins.

Cosmetics, Fragrances & Other: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, manufactured by Vitro Packaging

Advanced Night Repair, like all Estee Lauder products, has to fully express what luxury means: elegance, grace, purity. Ampoules, contained within the facial treatment, served as inspiration for the product’s heavy, clear and beautiful jar.

Newcomer to Glass Packaging (Including Reversions): Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, manufactured by Owens-Illinois Inc.

Being the Vail Valley’s first production brewery, Crazy Mountain is a craft beer pioneer in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Featuring unexpected shoulder geometry implying a rippling of the glass, the product captures the consumer’s eye and provides a unique, tangible interaction.