Silgan Equipment Company (, a manufacturer of capping, material handling and quality inspection equipment, introduces its new Solara S100 in-line screw capper. The unit is a stand-alone in-line capping turret with bottle control that can be mounted to any existing conveyor system.

The Solara S100 is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new filler or a capping turret for an existing filler. It also can provide a productive capper addition to an existing in-and-out filler with no current screw cap capability or a robust alternative to a belt style capper.

The freestanding unit can be mounted to any existing conveyor that can feed bottles down to the capper’s in-feed screw. That screw is synchronized with the conveyor speed to space the bottles out as a typical filler infeed would.  Using innovative top quality line capping chucks and handling equipment, the unit controls the bottle, the closure is applied and the capped bottle is released back onto the existing conveyor. The smooth torque magnetic capping heads used on this machine are top of the line, with adjustable torques to ensure consistent applications made of all stainless steel and self-contained magnets to eliminate any corrosion. 

The Solara S100 has the capabilities of running various styles of bottles at approximately 100 bpm, using a 5-pocket/5-head capping system. The unit is constructed of stainless steel to protect it during washdowns and stand up to harsh processing environment conditions. The system is fully supported by Silgan Equipment’s experienced production and maintenance specialists.