Skin microbiome brand Mother Dirt today announced the launch of the first-ever moisturizer formulated to be compatible with the skin's natural biome. Mother Dirt Moisturizer is the latest in the company's line of biome-friendly, preservative-free products, created to work in conjunction with the live peacekeeper bacteria found in Mother Dirt's signature AO + MIST live probiotic spray. All ingredients in the moisturizer have been selected to mimic the skin's natural barrier and replenish essential components typically removed with modern cleansing products – leaving consumers with better looking and better feeling skin.

"Our mission is to vigorously research and discover formulations for products that will replenish and support the good bacteria once found on our skin, which has been stripped away by modern chemistry and lifestyles. Since launching the line last year, we couldn't be more thrilled to finally introduce a moisturizer into Mother Dirt's unique and growing line of biome-friendly products for the skin," says Mother Dirt president Jasmina Aganovic.

Research has shown that constant disruption of our skin ecosystem through daily use of products could leave the skin more prone to issues long term, similar to findings in the gut microbiome. In tandem with AOBiome, Mother Dirt's parent company and its clinical division for research on inflammatory skin diseases, Mother Dirt is dispelling the notion that all bacteria are harmful. AOBiome continuously generates groundbreaking research on the microbial world and our skin's ecosystem, in an effort to curb inflammatory skin issues such as acne which have skyrocketed over the past century. Today, AOBiome is also announcing the launch of its Phase 2B trial, using live, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria to treat acne, a disease that currently affects 80 million Americans.

"We are incredibly excited about this moisturizer because it allows us to advance our mission of restoring the skin's natural biome, and comes at the heels of the recent FDA ban on antibacterial skin products. It is the fourth product in our line of transformative products that strengthens the skin's natural barrier, and is something that was repeatedly requested to compliment the AO + Mist's ability to restore keystone bacteria to the skin," says chief medical officer Dr. Larry Weiss.

In addition to the Moisturizer and the AO + Mist, Mother Dirt products include the Shampoo and Face & Body Cleanser, all biome-friendly solutions meant to clean without removing the good bacteria. All Mother Dirt products are preservative-free, kid safe and allow users to cut down on products that could negatively impact both the natural state of our skin and the environment. Every purchase of Mother Dirt products funds AOBiome's research in skin health.