The founders of No Sweat™, a company that offers top-quality and effective active lifestyle products, are pleased to announce that their popular Sports Wash has recently undergone a figurative facelift. In addition to the new logo and packaging on the Sports Wash bottles, No Sweat's Amazon website listing page has been updated with new images, along with updated content that does a great job explaining how the product can get sweat smell out of clothes.

As a company spokesperson noted, Sports Wash is designed to eliminate the musty and funky odors that are found in most sportswear—especially dry wicking and tech fabrics that are popular among athletes. From stinky gym socks and sweaty t-shirts to towels, underwear and more, the antifungal detergent is designed to target sweat related stinks and stains.

In addition, the "secret agent" sport wash is the first High Efficiency (HE), eco-friendly laundry detergent that is designed to get rid of these nasty odors caused by sweat, bodily oils and bacteria. Unlike other detergents that act as a band-aid of sorts, masking smells with fragrance and essentially locking the stink into the clothing, Sports Wash antimicrobial formula targets the problem at the cause.

"Using a unique enzyme technology called BioBlast™, No Sweat penetrates fabric surfaces to dissolve odor-causing bacteria, grime and body oils," notes the spokesperson, adding that No Sweat also maintains the quality and elasticity of fabrics, extending the overall lifespan of active-wear.

"It acts as a protectant for your gear while removing unwanted yellow stains and musty smells caused by sweat and bacteria."

No Sweat Sports Wash is made from all natural ingredients, and it is available in three fresh and pleasant scents: citrus rush, sweet freesia and fragrance free.