Charta Global (, provider of office and graphical papers, food grade and packaging boards for North and South America and strategic partner to Asia Pulp & Paper, has announced the expansion of its Foopak offering to include Foopak Bio Natura Cup stock and Foopak Baking Papers. These two product additions round out the Foopak offering, providing companies within the food service and restaurant industry with a single, comprehensive family of paper solutions for all their food and beverage needs.

The FDA certified Foopak suites of products include greaseproof papers and boards and an assortment of liners for baked goods; hot/cold liquids; hot, greasy or frozen foods; dairy and confection. All of the paper and board products in the Foopak suite are finish coated for various end use applications and have an excellent surface for the printing of multiple colors for branding.

The two additions include:

Foopak Bio Natura Cup: a 100% biodegradable beverage and food cup suitable for both hot and cold liquids and foods providing a wide range of applications including ice cream containers, soup and cereal cups for single servings and take out foods. It makes use of an innovative biodegradable water based coating, a sustainable alternative to petroleum based coatings. The biodegradability ensures the packaging is easily recyclable and compostable at end of life, without the need for time consuming and expensive plastic separation.

Foopak Baking Paper: a high density smooth coated paper that comes in various weights and can be converted into cupcake papers, die-cut shapes and sheets. It is easily utilized for liners in frozen food packaging, bakery products and baking sheets for professional kitchen applications.

The new Foopak Bio Natura Cup in particular is filling a market need for sustainable packaging options in the food industry. According to a 2016 consumer survey conducted by ORC International on behalf of Asia Pulp & Paper, sustainability attributes / environmental impact considerations, including recycled materials and packaging, are extremely or very important to half (50 percent) of all Americans while grocery or food shopping.

"The expansion of our Foopak line has been designed to help retailers and food service companies take advantage of emerging consumer trends such as the growth of supermarket take-out, food delivery services and more premium on-demand individual meal providers," says Rizal Setiadi, president, Charta Global. "In addition to serving all food grade segments, we now offer advanced sustainably choices with biodegradable capabilities, providing further environmentally friendly solutions for retailers.”