TricorBraun Design & Engineering Group, a division of TricorBraun (, announces the promotion of Gregg Aukeman to Package Qualification Manager and expands the packaging quality team by hiring Ryan Fichuk as Packaging Quality Engineer. Aukeman has been with TricorBraun since 2014.

"Gregg's experience with TricorBraun and instrumental role in meaningful data collection coupled with the addition of Ryan will allow the team to be involved in the custom package design process as early as ideation, enhancing the value we bring to our customers as well as risk reduction," says Matt Ramsdell, VP, design & engineering. He goes on to explain that with a focus on quality during development, the whole process is better and more accurate the first time and specs can be modified for form, fit and function without compromising the manufacturing process.

Aukeman has a passion for engineering that began with his studies at Western Michigan University, where he earned a BS in Civil Engineering. "I've always been fascinated with how things work, no matter what the industry. Packaging functionality within the parameters that have been defined by our customers and design team is something that I work toward validating every day for packages in diverse categories. No two projects are ever the same and this is what keeps me challenged, engaged and excited about my role at TricorBraun," explains Aukeman.

He continues, "In my new role, I will be able to provide critical support in the development of custom packaging solutions by engaging with the team to validate prototype and production parts; satisfying timing expectations, specification requirements and ultimately our customers." Aukeman sums it up this way, "I enjoy developing creative solutions to meet filling, labeling and functional requirements in the design, engineering and production stages. It's so rewarding to see the final result on shelf, in the real world, working as it was intended."

In his new role, Aukeman will be responsible for leading the packaging quality team and the packaging performance laboratory. "With Ryan on board, I am freed up to work on more complex projects. Ryan has a solid packaging background. I will be assisting him with investigative techniques, dimensional analysis as well as gaining an understanding of the level of quality that our customers have come to expect." Fichuk comes to TricorBraun with a BS in Packaging from Michigan State University and experience working as a package engineer intern at the closure manufacturer, Silgan White Cap.

When asked, Fichuk explains his motivation this way, "I get pretty excited when people ask me questions like, what do you do? Or, do you make boxes and bags? This gives me an opportunity to explain that packaging is about design, engineering, functionality, quality, marketing and consumer preferences. It's so much more than people realize! My passion for the field shines through when I explain how unique it is to work in packaging and how lucky I feel to be part of quality assurance for innovative product packaging."