Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA, – part of the BW Packaging Solutions portfolio of companies and a leader in canning technology for the beer and beverage industry – debuts a new integrated CB50 filler and seamer at this year's Craft Brewers Conference. The canning line technology is designed specifically for craft beer packaging. 

In Booth #3508 at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®, April 10-13 in Washington, D.C., attendees will see an example of PSA technology especially suited to the craft brewing industry as they unveil their Integrated CB50 Filler and Seamer.

At last year’s event, PSA displayed the CB50 Can Seamer, based off their well-established high speed seamer design for larger scale operations. However, the CB50 is specifically designed for the craft brewing industry with a smaller footprint on the brewery floor and a more economical price point. 

This year, conference attendees will also get to see the CB50 Filler, specifically designed with the craft brewery in mind. It is a six-head inline filler that will seamlessly integrate with the CB50 single head can seamer, rated for the same continuous operation speeds up to 50 cans per minute. The integrated system is optimized for beverage can height range of 2.13” to 8” and designed with quick-change adjustments for easy changeover for various can height/body diameters.

The CB50 Seamer can also be paired with any carbonated beverage filler of the customer’s choice. Other filling and seaming systems can be retrofitted with the CB50 Seamer.

“If you’re a craft brewer who wants to enter the distribution market, this is the solution for you,” says Adam Brandt, vice president of sales for Pneumatic Scale Angelus. “Canning is rapidly becoming the preferred packaging for beer, from consumers and brewers alike. With the Integrated CB50 Filler and Seamer, you’re getting high quality equipment suited to your operation that we stand by and service. Forever.”