Vital Farms, a producer of pasture-raised eggs in the U.S., is updating and streamlining its Alfresco Pasture-Raised Egg and Organic Pasture-Raised Egg cartons into two new designs to highlight transparency in labeling.

Packaging is increasingly at the forefront of discussions now that consumers are having a stronger voice when it comes to labeling and transparency with the brands they buy. With confusing labels crowding egg shelves, Vital Farms’ goal was  to create a unique and easy-to-read label design that highlights exactly what consumers are getting when they purchase Vital Farms. Are the eggs organic?  Did the eggs come from pasture-raised hens (vs. caged or cage-free birds)? When you pick up a carton of Vital Farms eggs, you know exactly what you are getting – pasture-raised eggs that are tended by hand on small family farms, from hens that are free to forage on 108 sq. ft. of space per bird, all day long, all year round.

To further ensure their customers are educated on the products they are buying, Vital Farms partnered with ROAR, an augmented reality app that can be used as a shopping adviser. The ROAR database contains markers for more than 100,000 different food products and beverages. This allows consumers to use the app to scan the top of the Vital Farms carton to  uncover a virtual reality diagram of what a pasture-raised environment really looks like – further driving home the importance of purchasing pasture-raised eggs vs. any other category.