Wildeck Inc. (wildeck.com) announces its new NetGate pick module safety gate, which will transform open rack loading zones into protected, safe access areas by providing full height fall protection within the pallet zone.

“Customers always seek out solutions to provide safe access within their workplace,” explains Paul Mihelich, director of sales. “NetGateTM easily installs into new or existing rack structures and will transform loading zones into protected, gated access zones. Companies are always looking for solutions to reduce lost time accidents and workman’s comp claims.”

The NetGate utilizes an integrated cable/pulley system and is easy to install into new or existing rack structures (rack not included). When one side of the gate is lifted, the other closes, providing full height fall protection near the elevated ledge at all times.

According to Wildeck, NetGate is most effective when installed onto the rack uprights of your elevated rack loading area. Using a design that is both ergonomic and economic, it is an investment that will be favored by workers as well as your bottom line.

NetGate benefits include:

  • Bolts onto existing holes in rack uprights for easy installation: no drilling required.
  • Trackless, cable/pulley system for operational longevity.
  • Solves footprint issues with minimal additional weight.
  • Knocked-down packaging and lightweight design for cost-effective shipping.
  • Able to accept tall pallet loads and carts that other access gate designs cannot accept.
  • OSHA and IBC compliant