This report forecasts the total recovery of post-consumer paper from the US municipal solid waste (MSW) stream in short tons to 2021. For comparison, this report also forecasts the total generation of post-consumer paper in the MSW stream to 2021. Total paper recovery and generation are segmented by source in terms of: packaging, mixed, newspaper and mechanical, and other paper types.

To illustrate historical trends, total paper volumes generated and recovered, and trade values for wood pulp and recovered paper are provided in annual series from 2006 to 2016. A Market Environment section provides pertinent background on historical trends, key economic indicators, trade, and trends in paper production and recycling.  A Segmentation and Forecasts section defines paper sources, discusses market drivers and constraints, identifies substitute materials when applicable, and assesses the impact of key drivers and constraints on each paper source segment over the forecast period.

Further analysis includes an Industry Structure section, which surveys the supply base and profiles the leading firms competing in the US industry. A one-page, introductory Highlights section summarizes key findings from this 20-page report, and a Resources section lists contributing sources as well as resources available for further research.

Published:  February 2017

Format:  PDF emailed by publisher

Number of Pages:  20

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