Urban Accents has given its core line of bottled spice blends a contemporary design. An integral piece of the flavor creators’ business, the spice blends were the foundation of Urban Accents when Tom Knibbs and Jim Dygas began the company in their Chicago basement in 1996.

The new look of 18 small-batch crafted seasoning blends feature a sharp black & white label for standout shelf presence, with color accents to denote the flavor’s global influence—Old World Classics, Latin Heat, Global Exotics, Pan Asian Flavor or American Adventures. The majority of the line is now non-GMO Project Verified; the official seal is prominently featured on the front of the bottle, as well as flavor profile descriptions.

The side label includes graphic icons to quickly designate recommended protein or vegetable pairings, Quick Fix usage tips and an Easy Recipe. A functional packaging upgrade is a new larger shaker cap with flip-top lid for convenience. The screw-top cap is easily removed to measure the seasoning for recipes.

“Our bottled spices have always been the heart of our brand,” said Tom Knibbs, president and co-founder and of Urban Accents. “We strive to bring our retail partners the best in class premium products through the flavors, quality and packaging that will turn into sales.”

“What sets us apart as a specialty food company is that we’ve stayed ahead of design trends with our packaging with a modern, clean look. Our bright white label stands out in the crowded spice aisle and still allows the consumer to view the texture and color of the product inside,” says Co-Founder Jim Dygas. “The quick recipe tips and direction to online videos and luscious Instagram posts inform and educate consumers, ‘What can I cook with this?’”

The bottled spice blends are available at select retailers nationwide, Amazon and www.urbanaccents.com