Intuitive, creative and all around style, KMS targets a new generation of urban and trend-setting professional stylists with this range. Inspired by styles spotted in urban fashion districts around the world, from street style to runways, the brand sets style at the heart of its philosophy.

Brandimage (, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, completely redesigned the KMS styling and hair care range.

KMS strongly focuses on Start-Style-Finish, a key concept to structure the brand, making it 100% intuitive for the stylist and salon client to understand. This concept is also reflected in the unique design of the packaging.

Brandimage imagined the packaging, graphic style and new structural design with the “raw sophistication” concept in mind, authentic to the KMS casual urban spirit. The pure and minimalistic shapes highlight the simple and authentic spirit of the brand, while the matte materials and neutral colors (concrete, nude, chalk white) endow the products with a touch of industrial loft style.

Combined with a set of spontaneous ‘’urban street art’’ illustrations, the new KMS range is here to inspire a global style community of hair care professionals.