Manufacturer of the innovative multi-packing solution WaveGrip ( will introduce its latest entry level applicator as part of the Palmer Canning Systems ( stand at the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, Tenn, April 30-May 3, 2018. Designed for low-volume producers, the G1 Auto can create multi-packs of 4, 6 or 8 cans, with automatic pack separation and accommodates a full range of can heights at speeds of up to 100 cans per minute (cpm).

The entry cost of $18,000 and compact size of 55” x 31.5” make the G1 a good option for those at the earliest stages in drink production, especially for production at lower canning volumes, such as craft beer producers.

Compatible with all WaveGrip carriers, the G1 uses the standard WaveGrip reels, which can pack over 3,000 6-packs, and allows a run time of five hours at 60 cpm or three hours at 100 cpm.

Palmer Canning is producing the G1 and G2 variants of the WaveGrip applicator in the U.S. Alongside the G1, Palmer Canning will be launching their latest canning system, CraftInLine, an In-line counter pressure can filler with ProPurge valve technology.

The CraftInLine offers speeds of 25 cpm based on a 12oz can size. By using a 5-head filler with ProPurge valves provides a true purge to atmosphere for unagitated fills and low oxygen pick up. It has a small foot print of 84” x 36” x 84” as well as a version with a split frame for easy take down—a good choice for mobile canners.

“With such huge growth among craft brewers across the US, CBC is the perfect place to demonstrate our solutions for those smaller brewers. The G1 Auto is designed with lower canning volume brewers in mind; those who want to be able to enter the market with a competitive edge,” said Aaron McIvor, managing director, WaveGrip.