Diagraph Marking & Coding (diagraph.com), the world´s oldest product marking company, is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The company has stayed relevant for over 100 years by anticipating industry trends and strategically realigning the brand to meet evolving market needs.

As part of the celebration, the company is rolling out a new global strategy focused on making package marking, coding and labeling easy. The company plans to do this by these three components:

  • Brand Values: Diagraph´s new brand identity focuses every aspect of the company´s business on providing hassle-free marking, coding and labeling for customers. This is achieved through a commitment to three core brand values—reliability, partnership and simplicity.
  • Top to Bottom Brand Reorganization: As part of this new strategy, sister companies within the ITW Marketing & Coding Group will be rolled into the Diagraph brand, including Trident and Norwood Marking Systems.
  • Strategy in Action: In the weeks and months ahead, customers will see the launch of a number of new products, services and logistical enhancements all designed to make product marking easy.

Additionally, a new modern logo, updated visual identity and newly updated website were created.