The European style cider takes on a new look that dials up the sophistication and quality of the packaging to match those of its counterpart, the Stella Artois lager. This marks the first major revamp to the product’s packaging for the brand in the U.S. market. 

The changes include:

  •          An updated logo that has shifted from a traditional font to a more modern, crisp script along with stark white packaging that allows the logo to really pop.
  •          A streamlined bottle and can design without the horn and golden lines.
  •          New 12- and 6-pack boxes featuring the Stella Artois Cidre wine glass to emphasize the best way to enjoy the cider.
  •          Positioning that shifts the cider from a “premium cider” to a “European style cider” to shine a light on the brand’s Belgian roots.

Stella Artois Cidre is a refreshing, perfectly balanced cider — not too sweet and not too dry. The European-style cider is well-balanced, and pairs a fruity sweetness with a crisp dryness, making it the perfect go-to drink.