Hoffmann Neopac (hoffmann.ch) has introduced recyclable, child-resistant opaque tins for packaging damp and dry cannabis products. Completely recyclable, the tins are suitable for a variety of cannabis products, including edibles, and are designed to enhance quality image.

Available for packaging volumes ranging from 50-500 ml, the tins protect flavor and maintain cannabis product and active ingredient integrity. While the tins’ lids are easily accessible for adults and senior citizens, accidental opening by children or pets is deterred via certified child-safe screw closure.

For marijuana pain relief creams, the lineup of cannabis tins is complemented by Neopac’s child-resistant tube portfolio: Its Polyfoil tubes, which offer long shelf life and label or direct print possibilities, can be filled with volumes from 3-150ml. The tubes can house cannabis products in the form of creams, oils and serums for topical application, CBD oil drops for oral delivery or CBD-infused e-liquids refills.

All tins and tubes are U.S. 16 CFR 1700.1-certified, a distinction now required for high-dose cannabis packaging in the U.S.

Both the tins and tubes offer brand differentiation via shape and material variations while also adhering to legislation regarding uniform packaging for medical cannabis products.