Triangle Package Machinery's ( new Changeover Wizard won the Technology Excellence award in the Baking & Snack Category at Pack Expo International last month, this the inaugural year for the award competition, which involved months of reviewing entries and three days of on-site voting at the show.

"Triangle is continually investing in research and development, ensuring that new technology we develop offers value for our customers today and tomorrow. We are honored to be among the winners of this inaugural award," said Bryan Muskat, president, Triangle Package Machinery Co.

The Changeover Wizard, which is available on the Flex I Cartoner – Gen 3, provides automatic, repeatable changeovers with the push of a button. Benefits include ease of use, improved efficiencies, reduced product waste and less time for downtime and training. The Changeover Wizard is ideal for cereal, powders, baking mix and grain applications, as well as contract packagers and other companies running multiple carton sizes.

For the past two years, Triangle Package Machinery has collaborated with customers to deliver intelligent support to cartoning operators in their increasingly complex work. The Changeover Wizard is the result of this collaboration. By providing simple instructions with visual prompts, the Changeover Wizard allows operators to change carton sizes in only five minutes.

The Changeover Wizard evaluates all machine adjustment settings stored within the carton recipe. If operator intervention is required to shift or change a part, the wizard alerts the operator with photos identifying the part, as well as text instructions. Operators need only push a button to launch a stored recipe for single package cartons. When switching from a single package carton to a dual-package carton, the Wizard shows the operator which tools they’ll need and how to quickly adjust to the new carton size.