Recycling is good for the environment and for business, according to a new resource published by NACS and the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI).

The new resource, “The Value of Can and Bottle Recycling,” offers tips for improving current practices, how to communicate the program goals to staff and customers, and a checklist to help retailers reduce contamination in their recycling bins.

“NACS consumer surveys reveal that 70 percent of c-store customers say they empty out their vehicles while filling up at the pump, oftentimes placing recyclable materials like beverage cans and bottles in regular trash bins,” said Carolyn Schnare, NACS director of strategic initiatives. “This new resource provides guidance that can help our industry convey to their customers what to recycle and the value of doing so, as well as to improve the likelihood that customers will recycle cans and bottles appropriately.”

“Consumers want to be good environmental stewards,” said CMI President Robert Budway, “And, having the ability to recycle aluminum beverage packaging away from home is a win-win for can manufacturers, convenience stores and consumers. We believe that increasing away from home recycling of aluminum cans will benefit the entire recycling system.”

Convenience stores serve an estimated 165 million customers daily — including the 40 million who fill up their vehicles. Per NACS consumer surveys, more than half of convenience store customers (53 percent) say that they’d like to see more recycling bins at their local c-store, providing an opportunity for the industry to enhance current recycling practices. 

Waste management and recycling programs at convenience stores can also help ensure that trash is collected and/or recycled and does not become litter. Consumers have regularly cited litter as the top reason for opposing new store builds in their community, and cans and bottles account for one-third of items littered outside of a convenience store.

The new resource provides information on the benefits of recycling, steps to help improve recycling at c-stores and additional tools and resources available through NACS and CMI.

Download the “The Value of Can and Bottle Recycling”  PDF here