Newlife paint container RPC Containers Oakham is helping the award-winning manufacturer Newlife Paints enforce its environmental credentials with a new range being stocked in B&Q.

The range promises to contain at least 90 percent waste emulsion, and the company says every pail bought prevents up to three pots going to landfill or for incineration. Instead, Newlife collects waste water-based emulsion which would otherwise be dumped, separates it into color batches and reconditions it into usable recycled emulsion paints.

Furthermore, the plastic pail from RPC Oakham also incorporates 25 percent recycled content.

To create the container, RPC Oakham worked closely with U.K. suppliers of recycled plastics to ensure a high-grade polymer capable of withstanding the weight of paint. Tests showed that the optimum proportion of recycled polymer was 25 percent in order to maintain the highest standard of consumer functionality and convenience.

The injection molded PP pail is available in a 5L size.

Newlife offers a classic and contemporary range of 32 colours and provide a full colour matching service. Newlife’s environmentally friendly paint is designed to have a smooth consistency and cover effortlessly. Newlife paint reportedly has the opacity and depth of colour that you would expect from a premium emulsion.

Keith Harrison, founder and managing director of Newlife says: “We are proud of the environmentally friendly nature of our paint, so it was important that the container could help support those credentials as far as possible. RPC Oakham was able to do that and we’re delighted with the partnership.”