Hazen Paper Company is pleased to announce that the program cover used for the official 2013 Enshrinement ceremony at the Basketball Hall of Fame was reportedly a world first: a Hazen custom hologram formatted on 12pt C2S Holojet Digital printed in register on an HP Indigo 7500 commercial press.

The cover utilizes differing holographic techniques, with complex artwork designed by Hazen’s award-winning holographic lab, according to the company. On the front, full spectrum color holography highlights the architecture of the iconic building, set off by a custom white holographic border. On the back, special Hazen “lenses” are designed to create brilliant effects.

Developed exclusively for the ceremonies at the annual induction, the custom Holojet was printed on a sheet-fed HP Indigo press with variable data printing assigning a unique number to each program, to preserve the programs as valuable publications and keepsakes.

Working closely with the Hall of Fame, John Hazen, president, commented: “We are proud to be at the forefront of design and substrates for custom holographic digital applications on an HP commercial press with VDP technology. The HP commercial press helped us control the tight tolerances associated with print-to-register requirements and holography. The HP opaque white ink allowed the holography be masked in some areas and in others to shine through and really made the piece. People attending the ceremonies couldn’t put the program down.”