Ever since philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed God as dead, people have continued doing likewise with various subjects, including sustainability. Don’t be deceived by our cover; we’re not saying we also agree. Instead, we believe sustainability is very much alive for brands; you just need the right approach. 

Consider this: If you are in a conversation and find yourself at a loss for words, you could buy yourself a few minutes by going on about the weather — or, you could go deeper and ask the person about himself and his interests. Almost without fail, people eagerly engage when speaking of what matters to them.

In Green Fatigue?, authors Laura Flanigan and Ben Cleaver expound on this idea of a deeper approach. Consumers have grown weary of green marketing claims they feel are irrelevant to them, but those same consumers happily engage with brands’ sustainability efforts when they are relatable and allow them to personally help with causes in which they believe. Read the article to learn from several examples of brands that use their packages to engage consumers in sustainable undertakings.

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