Global Vision, an industry leader in the development of innovative proofreading technologies, announced the release of ArtProof, reportedly the world’s first 64-bit artwork inspection software compatible with both Mac OS and Windows environments.

Developed with enhancements for the graphic design, pre-press and printing industry, ArtProof is designed to inspect artwork with pixel precision,  increasing packaging accuracy while reducing approval times. ArtProof detects and identifies missing or added text, graphics, incorrect fonts and text sizes, as well as color deviations.

ArtProof benefits: 

  • Native Mac OS and Windows support
  • Inspect artwork files
  • Reduce approval cycles by catching errors early
  • Shorten time to market
  • Avoid costly errors for file revisions and proofs
  • Check supplier proofs to ensure accuracy

“Working with our pre-press clients, we have designed ArtProof using our new 64-bit architecture, making this solution capable of handling very large files with ease. We have seen dramatic increases in speed and file size handling," explains Reuben Malz, president, Global Vision. “By also making ArtProof available for Mac OS and Windows environments, we have given the pre-press industry a flexible tool needed to ensure artwork accuracy.”

ArtProof Advanced Technologies:

  • Supports 1-bit TIFF files
  • New 64-bit architecture
  • Inspects imposition files (step and repeat files)
  • Inspects colors, graphics and copy
  • Supports live and outlined text
  • Auto-locates repeats
  • Automation for booklet inspection (multi-page)
  • Die-line management
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Difference classification