They are made exclusively from GM-free organic coconuts and are guaranteed dairy-free: The "So Delicious Dairy Free" creamy coconut beverages from U.S. food manufacturer So Delicious Dairy Free are made for everyone who, for health reasons or simply on principle, wants to avoid dairy products or is just looking for new ways to eat a varied and healthy diet. In addition to Cococcino Mocha and Cococcino Latte flavors, for the winter season Pumpkin Spice, Nog and Mint Chocolate varieties are also on sales shelves in the aseptic carton pack combifitMidi from SIG Combibloc

For more than 25 years, So Delicious Dairy Free from Oregon has been developing high-quality, dairy-free and plant-based beverages. Mike Murray, vice president marketing/R&D at So Delicious Dairy Free says: “Our company philosophy is based on treating everything with respect — people, animals and plants. For that reason, we’ve specialized in dairy-free products made from ingredients that are proven GM-free.” And success has followed. The ambitious company’s product range now includes beverages, coffee creamers, ice cream desserts, yogurt products, as well as ingredients for fancy cakes and other baked goods — all entirely without milk.

In the last five years, the company has recorded extraordinary growth of more than 30 percent — for Murray, proof that the dairy-free products segment has some of the best prospects in the food industry. In contrast to soy-based dairy-free products, it is in particular almond and coconut milk that have strong potential. The reason for this lies in the growing number of consumers who are using dairy-free products not due to tolerance problems but because they place value on sustainable consumption and are looking for ways to eat more healthily.

“Many people prefer the taste of almond and coconut milk, and often consumers also like the texture of the products better than that of other dairy-free products," says Murrary. "At the same time, these days many people have a skeptical attitude towards soy products, in terms of genetic modifications. When consuming almond and coconut milk, it’s a completely different story. We guarantee consumers that our products are made exclusively from GM-free ingredients.”

Following the market success of Cococcino Latte and Cococcino Mocha, summery iced coffees made from organic coconut milk and Fairtrade coffee, for the winter season, So Delicious Dairy Free launched the three flavors Pumpkin Spice (pumpkin flavored), Nog (eggnog with nutmeg) and Mint Chocolate (cocoa and mint) in the aseptic carton pack combifitMidi with combiSwift screw cap from SIG Combibloc.