With ever more outdoor events appearing on the summer social calendar, Graphic Packaging International has developed a unique carton suitable for the beer and soft drinks market which enables consumers to keep their drinks cooled for many hours, whilst enabling brands to achieve high levels of brand visibility.
Designed through GPI’s Global network of specialist beverage carton designers, the Cooler Box holds not only beverage bottles or cans, but can be expanded after purchase to incorporate ice to keep the drinks cool.  
Made from Virgin fibre Aquakote® craft board, the carton is designed to allow ice to be added around the beverage containers to enable the cooling of the liquid. As the ice gradually melts the unique design of the pack, combined with the wet-strength of the board, retains the water within the package, without any leakages.  The large billboard panels of the pack offer an excellent opportunity for brand visibility and aids communication with consumers.
“GPI closely monitors consumer trends globally, and the cooler box is perfectly positioned to meet increasing convenience demands for the consumption of chilled beverages outdoors,” comments Gemma Jackson, GPI’s Marketing Manager for Beverage in Europe. “With the general population spending more social and leisure time outdoors, at both private and organized events, consumers are looking for convenient ways of transporting beverages, and then being able to achieve or maintain a desirably chilled temperature through the addition of ice. The beauty of GPI’s cooler box is that the product can be purchased in advance, or on impulse, and it is easy to use; just open up the box and add ice. Once used, the water can easily be tipped away, whilst the sustainable paperboard carton can be easily recycled.”
“We anticipate that beverage companies will appreciate not only the functionality of this product, but also the benefits of having high visibility branding at the summer’s popular events.”