Hearing from those in the industry is one of the best ways to improve your own brand. In this week's cover story, Adweek explores the inside story on Johnson & Johnson's revamped marketing mission under Alison Lewis, the first global chief marketing officer of the consumer packaged-goods giant's consumer brands.

On the importance of tapping into people's emotions towards a brand:
"At the end of the day, people are always buying what you sell, so if you're selling mouthwash or beauty cream or even a baby-care product, of course you know they have a need and you fulfill that need," says Lewis. "But the thing that I believe sort of sways them to choose your brand over everyone else's brand is how they feel. That purpose, that emotion is critical."

On her time working at Coca Cola Co. before J&J:
"probably one of the best schoolings in marketing because that is what the company is. The Coca-Cola Co. is marketing."

The president of J&J's consumer group praises Alison:
"Global marketing services as a construct didn't exist until Alison joined," says Vineet Mehra, president of J&J's consumer group. "If you came here two years ago, we were great marketers, but probably all came from different places or grew up in different companies. There wasn't really a J&J way of marketing."

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