The global launch of Dreamweave’s Lip Voltage demonstrates the brand-building appeal of VariBlend’s ( 20 mm MiniMix® custom-blending dispenser, which was selected to power the innovative new lip plumper product, according to Robert Brands, VariBlend’s president and CEO.

VariBlend is a leader in custom-blending technology and a dual-dispensing destination for marketers and developers alike.

“Today’s consumer seeks an individualized, custom experience, and the MiniMix delivers on all counts,” Brands says. “Our precision dual dispensing system allows consumers to enjoy four custom strength lip plumper formulations – from Cool to Hot Tingle – in one compact, easily transported package. It is the most advanced, innovative lip plumper now available with true consumer value-added and retail shelf excitement.”

The firm’s selection of the high-performance VariBlend MiniMix represents the platform’s appeal to product developers in the fast-growing $9 billion global lipstick market, Brands says. “There is a growing consumer preference for personalized formulations that are convenient and deliver a quality cosmetics experience.” According to 2016 market research by Technavio (, the global lipstick market is projected to reach nearly USD $9 billion by the end of 2019. The rising demand for lipstick, considered an affordable daily indulgence among the huge millennial generation, is one of the primary drivers of the market, according to Technavio. 

According to Variblend’s Brands, the slim profile and color blending capabilities of the MiniMix 20 mm dispenser make it an ideal option for breakthrough new lip glosses and other on-the-go personal care products, such as those for eye and face color cosmetics, based upon fixed or variable delivery ratio of different formulas. “Here is an appealing alternative for products that require ingredient separation, offer shade/color regimens, or need precise mixing and blending at the moment of application,” he adds.

The Variblend system allows for precise delivery of two formulas of varying viscosities and flow rates. Simply rotating the dispenser head allows the consumer to select multiple formula strengthsor, in the case of hair color products, vary the shade’s intensity.  As the dispenser head is rotated, it changes the position of the actuating disc, which interacts with the pump pistons. When actuated, this disc pushes each pump piston at different angles depending upon the selected mixing ratio. 

It outputs up to 25ml per stroke and can blend from 3 ml to 5 ml in like, or different, rheologies. MiniMix is available in a number of nozzle/container combinations as well as complete, “ready-to-market” packaging solutions.