Drawing on the streets, bars and women of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the AYRES beauty line brings a Latin touch to the beauty world. AYRES labels are equally evocative, due in part to the materials used. The cream and black labels, with their surprising pop of passionate color, were digitally printed by Chicago-based Fort Dearborn using Avery Dennison rigid films.

Avery Dennison films offer undeniable shelf appeal, with label graphics that almost pop off the package. The white BOPP used for AYRES creates intense, eye-catching blacks with a beautiful pearlescent finish that really stands out on the shelf. AYRES’ innovative labeling and packaging is already proving to be an important differentiator for the brand. 

According to Gwen Chapelaine, director of marketing for Fort Dearborn company, digital printing offers clear advantages for companies like AYRES. “Digital has opened the door to variable data and short run printing like no other printing technology – capabilities that dovetail perfectly with the market’s need for more versioning and brand variation, greater personalization and late stage product differentiation,” notes Chapelaine. “Our recommendation to use digital on the AYRES product line has really paid off for the brand.”