Hart & Jones has developed the brand platform, brand identity and packaging for Sacred Spirits Company’s English Whisky Liqueur, launching in the U.K., U.S. and Europe this year. Hart & Jones was brought in to tell the story of the London team that distills and hand finishes each element at its Highgate microdistillery.

Simon Jones, co-founder of Hart & Jones, comments; “There are a wealth of individual messages around a brand as differentiated as Sacred’s whisky. However we didn’t want yet another over-complicated ‘storytelling’ brand but an iconic presence that hints at all the mysteries without spelling them out.” Standout at the back of the bar was vital for Sacred to have a strong presence in the top tier. Hart & Jones crafted an iconic butterfly that displays across two bottles to symbolize the brand components. The whisky is currently available exclusively at selected outlets.   www.hartandjones.com