Unity Beauty Essentials – The Pregnancy Collection is a luxury beauty product designed to be clinically safe for pregnant women. The founder, Parvathi Nair, conceived the brand during her own pregnancy, after finding that existing beauty products were either cold and clinical or had a baby-centric aesthetic.

Butterfly Cannon helped identify a compelling positioning that clearly communicated the unique properties of the range. The Unity positioning and name brings together the three core needs of the consumer—beauty, care and efficacy—and the three emotional drivers of nurture, nature and community, while celebrating the union of a mother and her baby.

The Unity positioning is brought to life on pack through a series of interlocking gold rings accentuated by an inner ring of golden dots. These are laid over a soft, off-white background with pink accents. The sections of pale and vivid green are inspired by the brand’s signature ingredient—the Indian gooseberry. www.butterflycannon.com