Magnum is known for its velvety dairy vanilla ice cream with thick, cracking milk and white chocolate top-disc and shards, all encased in a distinctive crackingly tasty Magnum chocolate shell—now that crackly look is part of the package design.

This brand new smash hit of a dessert with IML packaging is now on ice cream shelves in a large part of Europe. It’s quickly winning over new markets… Brand owner Unilever and injection molder Miko Pac provide more details about this trendsetting IML project.

"We develop customized new packaging using thermoforming and injection molding. And, we are one of the main suppliers of ice cream packaging for Unilever. Together with Verstraete IML, we were asked to translate design ideas for Magnum Pints into a packaging solution that was suitable for mass production. The product launch at the pan-European level meant that excellent communication was crucial between the brand owner Unilever, IML label producer Verstraete IML, and us as the plastic packaging producer," says Karl Hermans, Managing Director of the Belgian plastic packaging producer Miko Pac.

Rahul Rajpal, Brand Development, Magnum Europe  adds, "Packaging quality plays an important role in every Magnum innovation, and this was even more the case for the new Magnum Pints. This type of product is innovative and unique, as Magnum Pints are 'Carefully made to be broken.' This means that the consumer cracks the chocolate shell around the vanilla ice cream by squeezing both sides of the packaging. To make this possible from a technical perspective and to provide the consumer with a unique ‘cracking experience’, we resolutely opted for IML technology.

"First and foremost, we wanted to use IML because of the pack appearance. It radiates a very premium appeal, which is a perfect fit for the identity of Magnum brand. Secondly, the quality of IML packaging is first class, which is really important for an innovation like Magnum pints. Thanks to the IML technology, Magnum Pints can retain the best possible quality are perfectly protected against moisture and large fluctuations in temperature. Last but certainly not the least, IML packaging is completely recyclable."

Benedict Adins, Regional Sales Manager Southern Europe for Verstraete IML: ‘The IML label plays a crucial role in the unique cracking experience with Magnum Pints. The Press to Crack instructions show exactly where you need to squeeze the container. And, the instructions are even more noticeable because of the Metallic IML, Matt and UltraGloss IML finish. The logo also has a luxurious glossy metallic look. The metallic effect radiates luxury and quality, and creates a beautiful contrast with the Matt IML finish on the rest of the label. It makes the packaging a real eye-catcher in the freezer."

Rahul Rajpal says, "Consumers are completely in love with the cracking ritual of the new Magnum Pints. Squeezing it is a cool and unique experience and consumers love the iconic cracking sound of Magnum chocolate. The design and quality of the packaging have also received positive feedback.

"There were technical challenges with the packaging design, especially the lid. But, together with the Verstraete IML team, we quickly found an alternative solution.’ Karl Hermans: ‘The Magnum Pints shape made it difficult to create an IML label. A very precise design and a superbly-functioning robot system were needed. But, Verstraete IML offered a wide range of technical options. Moreover, they monitor each project closely, from the first test production through to the finished result. I absolutely recommend Verstraete IML as a partner. They are a lot more than just an IML printer. They consider innovation and quality paramount and believe in a solution-oriented approach. That makes them an extremely valuable partner for the development of new IML packaging."