Moving to upgrade the image of its premium Farm-Crafted Potato Vodka, Beattie’s Distillery of Alliston, Ontario,  Can. is refreshing its packaging with a bold new look. To help create the innovative and dynamic new packaging for its popular premium spirit, it called upon Saxco Canada, of Oakville, Ontario, Can., worldwide packaging specialists for the wine, spirits, beer and food industries and its global resource network to assist with the project. Saxco Canada is a division of Saxco International LLC, of Horsham, PA.

“Our role was to help Beattie’s create a beautiful new package with an attractive overall appearance and a distinctive shelf prominence which is commensurate with the vodka’s premium quality, silky smooth finish and unique taste,” states Martin Halle, Saxco account manager for Eastern Canada. “We tried to make it as turnkey as possible and bring it all together on time and within budget parameters.”

Halle worked closely with Liz Beattie, Chief Operating Officer of Beattie’s Distillery and its in house graphics design and product team to bring the new package into the Canadian marketplace. To move the project forward, Saxco Canada sourced and supplied a high quality 750 ML private mold tapered flint bottle with a medium neck, rounded shoulders and a thick bottom from a high end, reliable overseas resource partner. The Beattie’s name was embossed in the front of the bottle.

Saxco also provided an attractive walnut colored wood top synthetic cork assembly from one of its time tested European supply sources. In addition, the packaging specialty company also sourced and supplied a decorative hang tag which over-fitted the neck adding to the bottle’s overall eye catching appeal.

Beattie’s provided a multi-colored front label accented in black, red and green type and a colorful tamper evident seal to finish off the refreshed new package. The labels and tamper evident seals were sourced through ASL of Vaughan, Ontario.

“Our goal was to create a heightened interest for our premium Farm-Crafted Potato Vodka by giving it an attractive new and refreshed image for an increased notoriety among our target audiences,” explains Liz Beattie, COO of Beattie’s. “We’re trying to attract wider attention from Vodka connoisseurs in the 25 to 49-years age range who enjoy urban and suburban living with a finer appreciation of better quality products.”

“Making our vodka is a difficult process,” says Beattie. “We peel every single potato to make sure we only mash the heart of the vegetable. We then distill our own spring water to remove any impurities that may occur. We are so confident in the quality of our potatoes, our master distiller and our equipment, we need only to distill it once. We also only filter our product once. Our Potato Vodka is the only gluten free vodka available.”

The Beattie’s premium Farm-Crafted Potato Vodka is 40 percent alcohol by volume and distributed in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and New Brunswick in Canada.