Award-winning, small-batch Harridan Vodka says it is “calling on a cohort of modern, spiritual, and feminist drinkers who the industry has historically ignored.” The company claims that Harridan, which means "bossy, belligerent old woman," is the answer to “the industry's misalignment with women and is reclaiming an unfettered desire for women to decide for themselves of who they are, what they like, and most certainly what they imbibe.”

Harridan's founder, Harvard Business School graduate Bridgette Taylor, says, "This is our way of saying 'we hear you and we see you.' I wanted to create something that spoke to those who push up against what this industry and what culture more broadly tells us we should like. This isn't to say that we're against a flavored, pink drink or another spiked seltzer, but it is to say that we are complex consumers who deserve more than one option."

"Our goal was to create something with real character that earns its 'handcrafted' name and would earn its place in any well-stocked bar," Taylor says. "Too many people graduate out of vodka to other seemingly more mature or 'complex' spirits. Harridan is the vodka that shows them they don't have to."

Its overproof strength — 88 proof to be exact — is an homage to the bossy, defiant women of the past who inspired the brand's namesake. However, while the brand's DNA is rooted in the ethos and history of strong women who were oftentimes mischaracterized and misunderstood, Taylor wants to make it clear that Harridan isn't just for women.

"This is for anyone and everyone who resists a culture that tells us who we should be, who stands up for what they feel is right and who they want to be," Taylor says. "With the name Harridan we are taking pride in being difficult, different, and defiant and are looking for others who do the same."

Harridan's first batch of limited-edition bottles are hand-blown in Mexico from recycled glass and then hand-dipped in the brand's signature black wax. The brand's design and bottle has caught the eye of the spirits industry and was recently awarded a Double Gold Medal at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the Packaging Design Category. The vodka was also awarded a Silver Medal in the Vodka tasting category.

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