Absolut’s Elyx vodka bottle, created by Ardagh Group, celebrates the role that copper plays in the distillation process.

With the bottle’s square cross-section and areas combining heavy patterns with smooth sections, the glass manufacturer had to prepare for different cooling behaviors in different parts of the bottle. Also, the large labels in the new design required the bottle to be produced with demanding geometrical precision to achieve the perfect labeling platform.

The Nordic team at Ardagh Group provided valuable manufacturing expertise when Absolut’s London-based design agency, Stranger & Stranger, presented their initial concepts for the new bottle.

The longstanding partnership between Ardagh Group and The Absolut Company was key to delivering this challenging design in a short time frame. 

Absolut Elyx is the brand's luxury, single-estate vodka brand. The new, faceted bottle design pays homage to the hand-operated vintage copper column still from 1921, which plays a vital role in creating Elyx’s smooth finish.