A new automated flour packaging line at PGP International’s Woodland, California, plant is making valve bag packing faster, safer and more energy efficient.

The new line features a high-speed filling process that improves the density and de-aeration of the flour to give a more compact, ‘brick shaped’ appearance when the valve bags are full. After filling, the bags are ultrasonically sealed in-line to reduce flour leakage, prevent foreign material entering the bag and minimize the risk of infestation throughout the supply chain.

The more compact bags, combined with new automated palletization and stretch-wrapping processes, mean pallets are much more stable and less likely to move about when they’re on their way to the customer. This increased stability also cuts the risk of damage and loss of product while in transit.

The bags themselves are now much easier to open for faster dispensing when they reach the customer. The easy-open design means operators no longer need to use knives to open the bags, making their facility a much safer place to work.