Based in Vonore, Tennessee, Genera Inc. focuses on using renewable agricultural materials to produce molded fiber products that benefit rural economies, businesses and consumers. Genera develops, produces and supplies molded fiber products made from agricultural feedstocks, including switchgrass and biomass sorghum.

Most recently, Genera has developed Earthable®, a line of non-wood fiber and fiber products made from these crops. These clean, virgin fibers can be sold to manufacturers for an array of applications, including tissue, paper and packaging. Genera also creates molded fiber products from Earthable in-house, including single-use food service containers. Fully compostable and biodegradable, Earthable molded fiber is a domestic product that takes the guilt out of to-go food.

Genera is committed to partnering with American farmers to preserve the rural way of life and is currently recruiting East Tennessee landowners and growers to produce the feedstock crops that make Earthable possible.