Aptar Beauty + Home, a leader in dispensing and packaging solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry, is converting its locally produced stock black closure portfolio to post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). 

This launch deepens the corporate commitment to create reusable, recyclable, recycled or mono-material product solutions that meet the high level of quality expected by the industry. “Our team is continually working on ways to achieve our sustainability goals and how to reduce the impact our products have on the local and global environment. We proudly commit to paving the path in the dispensing & packaging industry and look forward to partnering with brands who share a similar mindset,” said Philippe Erhart, president of Aptar Beauty + Home, North America. 

The closure portfolio is currently the largest offered on the market, with a variety of snap tops, tube tops and disc tops available for use across beauty, personal care, and home-care applications**. Additionally, the PCR line for North America will be solely manufactured in local manufacturing facilities to allow close control over the source and FDA-approved materials.