A new article on the food and beverage industry by ResearchandMarkets.com, "Fruit Snacks Sales Rise by 162% Amid COVID-19 Pandemic," finds that during the pandemic, consumers have grabbed for fruit rather than chips. 

With schools closed and many adults working from home, there has been an increase in demand for snack foods. Sales of sweet and savory snacks like cookies, potato chips and popcorn have soared but many consumers are looking for a healthier way to treat themselves.

Fruit snacks have seen greater demand during the COVID-19 outbreak because they are a healthier alternative to other snacks marketed to children, they contain vitamins and minerals and they are often packaged in child-friendly portions. The restrictions on travel has also caused some consumers to fear they will not be able to access fresh fruit and vegetables, cites the article, so fruit-based snacks are seen by many as a useful way to ensure that they and their families don't miss out on vital nutrients.