Virtual events are… different. But different doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.”

In addition to world packaging events going all digital, companies themselves have stepped up and taken control of showcasing their new products to a broad audience by creating their own virtual press events. And there are always takeaways like videos and presentation PDFs.

Many larger events are rescheduling until next year or trying out the virtual platform. A virtual show, or showcase, has plenty of advantages. For example, the audience isn’t in a room with thousands of people walking around and feeling rushed.

Just as many of us are now used to working in our casual home environment, this way of “attending” an event has become a new normal. There are various platforms available that allow you to learn the basics and set up an event.  

We now can take a virtual fitness class and cooking classes, visit colleges and more.

 How It Works

You need to choose which type of event is best for your business. Is it on just one subject/product? Or is it a full-fledged event, where you have many sessions? Is the online conference going to be offered On Demand?

If these are too much to plan right now, consider a webinar. They are also live, planned with a host, with live chats for a Q&A.  

There are online workshops, live stream events on social media and more. The choices are plentiful.

 Where to Start

Visme, a content creation tool company, has a “no tech or design skills required” platform. Visme offers these 5 best practices: 

  • Create a plan for your virtual event: How big do you want to make it? What type of event will you hold? How will people register, and will there be a cost for attendees? If so, what will the cost be?
  • Find top-notch presenters: Make sure you research the best and most well-known experts in your industry and reach out to see if they’re interested in becoming speakers or presenters.
  • Get event sponsors: To help with promotion and generate some capital for your event, reach out to various sponsors to see if they want to partner with you for your virtual event.
  • Promote your event: Time to put together another plan — your promotional or marketing plan. And you can easily do so with the social media marketing plan template below.
  • Live Tweet your event: If you’re putting on a major, multi-day online conference, be sure to live tweet quotes from the speakers throughout.