Today’s customers are constantly bombarded with ads and brand messaging. When it comes to high-end products like cosmetics, liquor or consumer electronics, premium packaging is not just nice to have — it’s an expectation. Buyers of high-end products are among the most discerning and expect packaging that’s fitting of the brand. With consumers becoming accustomed to premium packaging in these verticals, how can brands still differentiate themselves in these saturated markets? One opportunity with infinite potential is customizable ecommerce kits. These kits can offer brands an opportunity to create meaningful points of interaction between their brand and consumers in many ways.

Gives Consumers A Positive Impression of Your Brand

When done right, an unboxing experience will elicit positive emotions from your customer. The result? A positive impression of your brand and an increased likelihood that they will become loyal customers.

A customer unboxing your DTC (direct to consumer) package is sure to be anxious for the product review. This level of excitement can be leveraged with a product reveal that is pleasantly suspenseful. This means that your brand should put detailed effort into every step of the unboxing process — from picking the box up to the moment they see the actual product. An example of this can include a package that reveals a brightly colored interior with a personalized message once the packaging is opened. The same package could also include an additional unboxing layer, maybe a unique opening panel that, once lifted, reveals the product. No matter how you design the unboxing experience, make sure to guide your customer through a fun and memorable process that leads to the high-quality product they are looking for.

Personalization Shows Customers They Are Valued

A customized ecommerce kit can show your customers that your company values their business. Printing the client’s name on the packaging or including a handwritten thank-you note is a great way to show customers you’re thinking about them.

This level of personalization can result in great benefits for your company. For example, if a customer feels valued, they may be more likely to show loyalty toward your brand, rather than stray to a competitor.

The Chance to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Creating value-added packaging for your unboxing experience is a great way to show consumers what your brand is about while they open your product. There are many ways you can integrate elements of your brand into your DTC kit’s packaging design — including brand imagery, colors, messaging, and additional marketing collateral such as informational product booklets.

Furthermore, the product reveal can say a lot about your brand. If the customer opens the product and sees it presented neatly in modular inserts, the customer will see that your brand values quality and creating a consistent unboxing experience. They will also recognize your brand as being reliable, since they are able to trust that the product was packaged securely and with care.

An Effective Way To Engage With Current And Future Customers

With social media being a huge presence in many consumers’ lives, unboxing videos can be an important marketing tool for companies. By making your customizable DTC kit share-worthy, you can create a stronger brand awareness and a larger customer base through influencer unboxing videos. Consumers are likely to research product reviews and watch reference videos before purchasing a product.

However, dull packaging is not likely to make it onto these social media channels. It is important to make sure your packaging has all the qualities that make for an engaging unboxing experience — including an exciting reveal, consistent branding and personalization.

When it comes to what customizable ecommerce kits can do for your brand, the benefits are endless. Most importantly, these kits have the potential to meaningfully engage with consumers through an exciting unboxing experience. When done correctly, your company will enjoy many benefits, including a loyal customer base and the opportunity to stand out in your industry.