SOMA North America, producer of flexographic printing presses, plate mounters, slitter rewinders and laminators, announced Moore & Moore Printing Solutions as a sales agent in the U.S., representing SOMA’s printing presses, slitter/rewinders, laminators, and mounting machines

Led by Jeff Moore, who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Moore & Moore sources machines, components and supplies for flexographic printers. The Moore & Moore team says it offers everything from configuring and supplying materials for a new press, to helping printers source replacement components for an existing installation.

“Moore is a strong sales professional with a very lengthy background in flexo printing, with more that 25 years working around the pressroom,” says Garrett Taylor, SOMA U.S. and Canada sales director. “He works to build genuine relationships with customers to support the supply chain with quality products and reliable support systems. By uncovering opportunities, Moore & Moore Printing Solutions offers SOMA added visibility in the U.S. Beyond that, I respect Moore’s judgement and his great instincts to provide good sales guidance for SOMA. In fact, early on in this relationship he has already brought us opportunities for 2021.”

Moore says, “We specialize in flexographic printing to maximize efficiency for medium to wide web printing operations. We have a strong network of industry partners who enable us to offer the best flexographic printing presses, sleeves, doctor blades, plate cylinders and storage systems. SOMA’s advanced technology, combined with quick changeover presses, can make a real significant productivity and quality difference in any printing facility. I look forward to working with customers who need the flexographic printing support that SOMA can provide.”

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