Pravana, a professional hair color and care brand, partnered with Studio One Eleven, the in-house design division of Berlin Packaging, to create custom bottle packaging for its Pure Light lightening products. 

Traditional hair color powders can come in large, bulky tubs and include a scoop that can get buried at the bottom. The design team at Studio One Eleven created a new package with simplified pour-and-measure dispensing that can reportedly save users time and space.

Studio One Eleven designers began with a tall, thin bottle that takes up less space than the traditional tub. A cap with a built-in funnel allows for an accurate, mess-free pour, replacing the standard scoop that can sink to the bottom of the tub and contribute to mess and wasted product. A second overcap acts as a dosing cup that enables quick, one-step measurements.

The handheld design is reportedly sleek, mess-free and intuitive. For stylists with space constraints, four of Pravana’s simplified packages can replace one traditional tub of lightener.

Pravana’s director of brand marketing, Lissette Cruz, says, “With the continuing increase in professional stylists moving to smaller spaces or going mobile, they have even less room to store or travel with essential products that they need to work. The new packaging allows stylists that don’t have much room an innovative, space-saving solution while providing the same amount of product. This design upgrade is much more intuitive, less bulky and easier for the colorist to manage — four of these new, sleeker packages can replace one traditional lightener tub.”

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