The test results conclude that 100% of the Minus Works Plant-Based Refrigerant Gel will biodegrade within 28 days of exposure to an aerobic environment, with the majority of the degradation occurring in the first 10 days. The OECD 301B analysis for Ready Biodegradability was performed by RespirTek Inc., an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified bioenvironmental test lab that is specifically accredited for OECD 301B biodegradability testing.

Minus Works’ Ready Biodegradability Certification marks a significant milestone for the broader cold chain industry as the utilization of sustainable solutions becomes increasingly urgent. While legacy gel packs often contain environmentally harmful chemicals that do not biodegrade, Minus Works’ plant-based technology allows for total and rapid biodegradation in well under a month. Rapid biodegradation is a critical attribute as landfill is a highly challenging environment for organic matter to break down due to compaction and lack of oxygen. Results of the Ready Biodegradability test, as well as RespirTek’s scope of accreditation, are now available to view on the Minus Works website.

“We’re very excited about this result. Passing the OECD 301B test for Ready Biodegradability – the gold standard for biodegradability – was a product lifecycle goal from the outset,” said Ben Shore, Founder and CEO of Minus Works. “At Minus Works, we strongly believe that after a product fulfills its worldly duty it should return to the earth.” Minus Works was founded with the goal of bringing a material science approach to some of the pressing sustainability challenges facing the cold chain packaging industry today. Minus Works’ certified Readily Biodegradable Plant-Based Refrigerant Gel powers its MONTT Series and CORDILLERO Series gel packs.

About Minus Works:

Minus Works is an American manufacturing and technology company focused on bringing innovative products to the cold chain industry, including sustainable, plant-based, high-performance gel packs for the shipping of perishables. Minus Works believes in the relentless pursuit of less: less waste, less environmental impact, and less total cost for customers. For more information on Minus Works and how we can assist in your cold shipping applications email or call 516-331-1638.