In response to Heinz Ketchup's recent petition asking for bun and hot dog companies to come together with same-count packaging, poppy seed bun maker S. Rosen's says it already solved the mismatch in 2005 with Vienna Beef Hot Dogs.

Citing the trademarked "Piece Treaty of 2005, Every Bun Has its Dog," S. Rosen's buns and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs came together more than 16 years ago and created 8-pack solutions for each of their foods.

"It was a proud moment for us both in 2005, when makers of S. Rosen's buns and Vienna Beef hot dogs came together for the greater good of hot dog lovers in Chicagoland and everywhere and righted the packaging mismatch with 8-counts for each," says S. Rosen's company president, Mark Marcucci.

Vienna Beef president Timothy O'Brien adds, "We respect our ketchup makers in Canada who started this petition but want to clarify we already solved this issue. We love ketchup and believe this popular condiment has its place, on french fries and tater tots, just not on a Chicago Style hot dog. If anyone is interested in learning more, visit our website,"

For the official Chicago-style hot dog recipe using 8-count packs of Vienna Beef hot dogs and S. Rosen's poppyseed buns, visit