The new perfume was created with Parlux Fragrances, Ltd, which issued a press release stating that Eilish was intimately involved in every step of the process and had full creative control - from the creative vision to the bottle design, the packaging, the campaign, and of course, the scent itself.

The bottle is inspired by Billie's favorite parts of the body: the chest, neck, and collarbone, and is gilded in amber-bronze.
"Billie Eilish is a singular talent and the voice of a generation. She has a vision in everything she does that is unique, disruptive, and authentically hers. Partnering with Billie was natural for Parlux because we can bring a vision to life like no one else, and we were equally excited to be on this journey together,” commented Lori Singer, president, Parlux Ltd.

Eilish, $68, will launch direct-to-consumer exclusively at