LES EAUX DE CHANEL perfume was conceived with sustainability in mind. Its glass perfume bottles are thinner and lighter*, which means a smaller volume of raw materials and optimized transport, and the corrugated cardboard that is normally hidden was transformed into clean, simple outer packaging whose lack of lamination or glossy coating makes it easier to recycle.

All of the 125 ml bottles in LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection are topped with a biobased** cap, which CHANEL has developed in partnership with Sulapac. For two years, CHANEL teams worked hand-in-hand with the Finnish startup to create an unprecedented cap composed of three layers, made out of 91% biobased materials obtained from renewable resources and FSC™ certified*** wood chips (by-products of industrial side-streams).

Compared to other CHANEL Eaux de Toilette of the same size. ** Made from plant-based materials. *** Wood from FSC-certified responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Sulapac’s FSC licence number is FSC-C158142.