ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, announced the launch of its ProActive Recyclable Paper Mailers.

These curbside recyclable mailers have up to 70% lower water absorption versus a standard kraft paper mailer. Utilizing a robust paper, ProActive Recyclable Paper Mailers ensure protection of the package during transit.

“This new paper mailer offers the water resistance required to ensure that goods arrive at their destination as intended, as well as being curbside recyclable through paper recycling streams,” explains Brent Wise, sales vice president for ProAmpac.

ProActive Recyclable Mailer includes an elegant side seam construction that provides opportunities for sleek branded graphics, appearing much less industrial than center seamed traditional paper mailers. The sealed top can have single or dual closure options that prevent product intrusion, but also includes an easy open tear strip for consumers to ensure goods arrive without tamper.