Crossing cultures to introduce a new product can be tricky. While the packaging needs to serve the purpose of meeting the aesthetic requirements to grab the attention of consumers unfamiliar with the product, it also needs to retain the heritage of the culture that created it. That was the challenge faced by Slice Design as it introduced Sirniki to the UK market.

Sirniki are traditional, beloved Russian cottage cheese pancakes that can be eaten any time of day with a variety of condiments including jam and natural yogurt. Daria’s Best Ltd. spotted an opportunity to share these delicious — yet unknown to the UK on a mass scale — pancakes with the British market. Enter Slice Design.

Daria’s Best engaged the London-based branding and packaging design agency and tasked it with creating the packaging design for Daria’s Best. The agency’s mission was to introduce these new, unique pancakes to the UK market while keeping with the product’s traditional heritage. It was imperative to clearly communicate what Sirniki is and promote the benefits of this adored product.

Based on a creative positioning of “Bring positive energy to your table,” Slice Design created packaging design for Daria’s Best that exudes appetite appeal and highlights the positive nutritional benefits of these super-soft cheese pancakes.

“Most UK consumers are completely unaware of Sirniki, so it was important to communicate what they were made from and what made them so delicious!” says Alan Gilbody, Slice Design’s founder and director. “We were asked to communicate that they were a healthy, substantial snack you can eat any time of day. So, we utilized a top-down shot to highlight sharing the delicious treat with friends and family round the table and showcased the traditional, hand-made feel.”

The final packaging design was rolled out across two flavors and three different pack formats. The tones and colors selected reflect the high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world and perfected cooking techniques of Daria’s Best.

Daria Ilina, director of Daria’s Best, had this to say about the process, "Its been an exciting journey, and I like the product we’ve got at the end. Let’s hope it’ll fascinate the market."