The Pharmafill(TM) TC4 tabletop pill counter from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co., Wall, NJ (, features an optional high-capacity hopper that accommodates 63 percent more pills than the company's standard hopper. Holding 1.6 cubic feet of tablets, capsules, caplets, lozenges, softgels, and other solid oral dose products, the high-capacity hopper extends counting and filling operations while reducing production interruptions for refilling. The high-capacity hopper is manufactured from stainless steel and may be easily removed and disassembled for cleaning and quick changeovers.
 Ideal for growing nutrition, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and other companies requiring increased tablet counting accuracy and filling speed without fully automating production, the TC4 with hopper extension automates tablet counting yet allows a single operator to manage bottle filling in semi-automated operation. The pill counting machine automatically feeds tablets from the hopper onto a rotating glass disc, orients them for presentation to the counting sensor, then counts and discharges the preset amount into a waiting bottle at up to 2,000 tablets per minute.
 The compact tablet counter measures just 21.2 inches across with the high-capacity hopper installed x 34 inches deep x 30 inches in height The economical pill counter is manufactured in the company's Wall, New Jersey headquarters and comes with a two-year warranty.