Dawn is introducing Dawn EZ-Squeeze, a new inverted bottle with patented no-flip cap technology, enabling it to stand on its cap and dispense from the bottom with a self-sealing valve that protects against leaks.

“Dish soap bottles are one of the most-used household items, so they should be easy to use – from the first drop to the last,” said Guerin McClure, Vice President, North America Dish Care at Procter & Gamble. “You’ve likely spent time shaking, flipping, and banging your dish soap bottle on the countertop in a messy attempt to make the most of every drop. With Dawn EZ-Squeeze we wanted to create a dish soap that was designed to be fast and easy, helping you get away from the sink and on with your life.”

Dawn devoted more than five years, hundreds of designs, and thousands of hours of testing, in the development of Dawn EZ-Squeeze making it one of P&G’s most researched and rigorously tested products in the Company’s 50 year history within the dish soap category. During this extensive consumer testing, Dawn found that the package’s unique valve design not only delivered a mess-free experience, but the lack of a cap improved ease of use for populations who had challenges with existing bottle designs since it could be dispensed easily with one hand.

Easy-to-use packaging has quickly become one of the most valued characteristics for home care brands1. Dawn EZ-Squeeze's one-handed design allows people to easily apply the intended amount of soap directly to dishes with greater control so that Dawn’s grease-fighting formula can begin working immediately. The EZ-Squeeze bottle isn’t the product’s only upgrade – the formula has also been updated to help dissolve both everyday grease and tough, cooked-on messes quickly and easily, allowing people to spend less time and fewer resources at the sink. It effortlessly removes 99% of grease and food residues and, with 4x faster grease-cleaning,** people will get the most value out of every bottle until the very last drop. With Dawn EZ-Squeeze, people no longer have to shake or flip. Simply grab and squeeze.

“We noticed a gap in design innovation when it comes to dish soap bottles, and we were excited to act on it,” said Corey Brugh, Senior Engineer, Research & Development, North America Dish at Procter & Gamble. “We’re excited about the incredible response Dawn EZ-Squeeze has received already through our initial testing, and can’t wait for more people to try this groundbreaking and efficient way to wash dishes.”